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Empowering healthcare and enhancing compassion across the globe

By Anon Care

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AnonCare is an innovative 'faith inspired social network' developed to help create inter-dependency within the global community and reduce over reliance on healthcare services. 

The AnonCare network goes beyond the ‘comment, share and like’ features of traditional social networks, introducing, ‘wish well’ and ‘offer a prayer’ on wall posts, helping compassion to go viral. 

 AnonCare supports a ‘patient owned’ health record called ‘Health Notes’, a feature that allows members to keep track of, and monitor, any relevant information about their wellness and conditions. They can share this with their family, friends and care givers, making it easier for them to keep informed and involved. 

The organisation has been successful in bringing about social change and has been highlighted in the media as a digital toolkit for supporting sufferers of domestic violence. It aims to help people feel, understand, and respond to the suffering of others, while maintaining genuine caring relationships across class, creed and boundaries. 

Last updated: 25th of July, 2014

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