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Building a hydroponic growing system for urbanised areas

By Alesca Life Technologies

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Project Twitter: @alescalife

  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Physical Computing

Alesca Life cultivates crops in old shipping containers, using LED lights instead of sunlight and growing them hydroponically. The crops grown have no pesticides, no chemical additives and no GMOs. Their process uses less than 1%  of land used in traditional agriculture, results in huge energy savings and 95% less water usage.

The Every Day Nutrition series (EDN series) has three solutions available:

  • EDN Fresh: a system that enables onsite production of fresh microgreens and salads.

  • EDN: a turnkey solution that enables commercial-scale farming. The units are loaded with advanced monitoring, climate control and cold storage capabilities.

  • EDN Sprout: a cloud-controlled sensor box controlled with a smartphone app for small and medium-sized growers.

They are currently working on EDN Home for in-home fresh veg production.

Last updated: 18th of September, 2015

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