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Alcohol Relapse Prevention

Preventing alcohol relapses through digital support systems

By d2 Digital Design

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Project Twitter: @D2DigitalHealth

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d2 Digital by Design Ltd in collaboration with CRI have developed The Alcohol Relapse Prevention Programme which provides an immediate support system for people who are completing a programme of alcohol treatment and support.

  • The programme starts by sending daily text messages to those who have just left rehab. The texts are designed to encourage them to stick to their plans and goals. 

  • Depending on their response to the texts, they might receive further support from a personalised motivational text, or a call from a professional or peer. 
Early evidence shows that the programme is working in increasing engagement and improving recovery. 

In November 2014 d2 Digital by Design Ltd was awarded £132,248 (including £10,000 for evaluation) to build and trial a peer mentoring function into the existing platform.

Last updated: 14th of September, 2015

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