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Helping re-localise food production in cities with open source snap-fit urban farming kits

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Project Twitter: @akerkit

  • Environment & Sustainability

Aker wants to bring local urban farming back in order to mitigate the detrimental environmental, health and waste problems associated with industrial agriculture. 

To help people raise food and live more sustainably, the website gives access to free downloadable farming kits.

There are six open source designs, including:

  • a two-hen chicken coop
  • raised or wall-mounted planters 
  • a multi-storey worm hotel
  • a 25-comb beehive

The materials cost is very minimal; each of the designs can be cut from a single piece of material (mainly plywood, but also recycled plastic sheets or cork). Assembly is very easy, with no need for screws or glue. People can either cut materials using a CNC routing machine, or there's a map of local CNC workshops.

Last updated: 29th of June, 2015

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