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AIDR (Artificial Intelligence for Digital Response)

Collecting and classifying tweets posted during humanitarian crises

By AIDR (Artifical Intelligence for Digital Response)

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Project Twitter: @QatarComputing

Organisations Involved AIDR (Artifical Intelligence for Digital Response)
Qatar Computing Research Institute
Standby Taskforce

  • Data
  • Geolocation
  • Internet
  • Social Software

AIDR (Artificial Intelligence for Digital Response) is  free open-source software that automatically collects and classifies tweets that are posted during humanitarian crises. There is far too much data produced via social media during crisis situations for humans to manage it on their own. In addition, the data is too rich and complex for machines to successfully process it. AIDR uses the best of both worlds by combining human and machine intelligence. Those working in humanitarian or crisis response who are familiar with Twitter can easily use AIDR to gather and classify tweets about a particular situation.

Last updated: 05th of September, 2016

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