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Direct Relief is a charity that has been working tirelessly to improve the lives of people living in poverty or affected by disaster, providing essential medical supplies and emergency aid since it was founded in 1948. In times of crisis their work becomes more difficult, and keeping track of aid distribution in the aftermath of natural disasters or during epidemics can be a mammoth undertaking.

Direct Relief’s Aid Maps are addressing this problem by creating visual representations of where aid has been sent and how much equipment has been deployed in what areas, and which locations are still in need. This allows the charity and its partners to both track the distribution of relief and to gauge the scale of the disaster.

During the Ebola outbreak, which started in Sierra Leone in 2014 and quickly spread across Africa, Direct Relief was asked by the Liberian government to help track the extent of the crisis using interactive aid maps. Their Ebola map showed areas with confirmed cases of the disease and the location of clinics, and pinpointed where Direct Relief had already sent protective gear and emergency aid. The mapping and data collection helped aid agencies and governments better understand the magnitude of this international disaster – and in the case of Ebola, which is highly infectious, tracking may have helped prevent a lot more casualties.

100% of all money donated to Direct Relief goes directly to the people in need of aid – none of it is used for administrative costs, which are covered privately. To help Direct Relief continue their important work, visit their website and see the many ways in which you can participate.

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Last updated: 25th of August, 2015

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