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Helping your family to stay ahead of colds and flu

By Kleenex

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To help you and your family be more prepared for the cold and flu season, Kleenex® created the Achoo cold and flu predictor. This is the first and only tool that can actually predict when cold and flu will reach your area. 

How does it work? Achoo utilises the most accurate Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data and an innovative, proprietary forecasting model. This was developed by a global network of professors, top business leaders, and highly trained analysts. The result is a one-of-a-kind, three-week cold and flu forecast that goes beyond the basic "current status" that most other sources provide.

But knowing when cold and flu will hit is only half of the battle. That’s why Achoo also provides helpful tips and advice to prepare your home for what's ahead. It also offers useful information to help you care for your family when someone gets sick.

Last updated: 11th of June, 2014

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