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On the challenges of partnership - and why we wouldn’t have it any other way

On the challenges of partnership - and why we wouldn’t have it any other way

September 15 2016

By Annie Radl

One of our partners in the 2016 NT100 sent me a link to a thought-provoking blog, by the always-thought-provoking Ken Banks, on due diligence and apps for the refugee crisis. He points out that just because there is a proliferation of apps for refugees, those apps are not necessarily helpful, or even being used to make refugees lives better. The take-away for the NT100 was to be vigilant, in a world of shiny new social tech, that there is substance beneath the shimmer.

The article got me thinking, actually rethinking, our research and judging process - and I was grateful to have this challenge to keep it us on our toes. As I was thanking our partner for the nudge, she mentioned that one of the best processes to have in place for due diligence - and to keep a programme relevant - is partnerships. In the case of the NT100, that means bringing multiple people with varying expertise together so that our judging is informed by wide and deep experience.

The judging for the 2016 NT100 is where our partners really have the chance to shape and challenge the NT100, and although this process doesn’t start until next month, our partners have already been shaping the process, challenging it, and making it better, with feedback drawn from their own work and experiences.

Our partners’ work has challenged us to make sure that our Everyday Tech Heroes celebrate the impact of people other than founders and entrepreneurs - highlighting the many ways that people can contribute to and use technology to change their world for the better, especially when they have personal knowledge and experience of the problem at hand.

Our partners have challenged us to think about how the NT100 reaches out to young people who, with a little inspiration and support, can be the next generation of Everyday Tech Heroes.

The NT100 does its due diligence on our partners. This year we have brought together a thoughtful, knowledgeable, experienced and creative group to sift through the incredible nominations, to challenge them, and us and one another, to create a powerful, diverse - and above all inspirational - collective. Through our partnerships, we feel confident that we will have made a challenge to the world to put their tech to use for something better.

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