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From ideas to actions: top tips from our Everyday Tech Heroes

From ideas to actions: top tips from our Everyday Tech Heroes

April 26 2017

By Nominet Trust

Now freely available, ‘Inspiring the Everyday Tech Heroes of tomorrow’ is a downloadable storybook collated by Nominet Trust that captures inspirational learning from some of our 2016 NT100 Everyday Tech Heroes. The storybook culminates in seven top tips for aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their social tech ideas into impactful ventures.

In March, we hosted a web chat with some of our Everyday Tech Heroes to capture their experiences and learnings from developing – and working with - social tech ventures. By crowdsourcing this invaluable knowledge, we aim to give budding Everyday Tech Heroes the encouragement and actionable insights to believe “I can do this too” and take their first steps towards getting their ideas off the ground. We also hope that it inspires those with technical and entrepreneurial expertise to think about how they can apply their skills to social challenges.

The Everyday Tech Heroes and projects featured in the storybook cover a range of geographies and social challenges. Our fantastic contributors are:  

•    Lise Pape from Walk with Path — a healthtech venture helping sufferers of mobility and balance issues (e.g. Parkinson’s disease patients)
•    Hamzat Lawal from Follow the Money — a grassroots network of citizens dedicated to tracking the effectiveness of government spending and international aid
•    Robert Bjarnason from Better Reykjavik — an online democratic platform in Iceland connecting citizens to city hall
•    Rachael Wallach from Disrupt Disability — a community of makers and wheelchair users building an online library of open-source designs that can be adapted to produce customised, 3D-printed wheelchairs
•    Joe Reddington from Open Voice Factory — a free and open voice communication aid for people with speech disorders
•    Misha Esipov, Nicky Goulimis and Loek Janssen from Nova Credit — the world’s first international credit reporting agency for immigrants
•    Taita Ng’etich from Illuminum Greenhouses — a low-cost, high-tech greenhouse venture using smart technology to help African farmers manage and protect their crops
•    Paul Myles from On Our Radar — a non-profit communications agency for unheard communities, showcasing the citizen reporters who contributed to the #AfterEbola campaign
•    Michael Brennan from tootoot — an online platform for schools, colleges and universities that helps safeguard against bullying

These individuals have been recognised and celebrated as our Everyday Tech Heroes because they all took action against challenges in their own lives and communities, using technology to tackle them.

We’ve seen that anyone with the motivation can make change happen — either as a founder of their own social enterprise or by putting their skills to good use as part of an existing venture. If you’re keen to learn more, download the ‘Inspiring the Everyday Tech Heroes of tomorrow’ storybook or follow us on Twitter @socialtechguide to join the #2016NT100 conversation and share your stories.

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