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2016 NT100 FAQs

2016 NT100 FAQs

September 15 2016

By Annie Radl

There are lots of great questions coming in alongside lots of fabulous nominations for the 2016 NT100. We thought it would be helpful to answer some of the FAQs in this nifty blog:

1.    What happens to my nomination after I hit the “Nominate Project” button?

If you see the “THANK YOU FOR NOMINATING!” screen, then rest assured we’ve got your nomination. The NT100 Research team builds on the information you’ve provided (with press, presentations, impact reports, etc.) to present your nomination in a standard way to the moderation team. Our moderation team uses three criteria (impact, innovation and inspiration) to create a shortlist, and then our judging partners score the shortlist to arrive at the final NT100.

Of course we get hundreds more wonderful nominations than we are able to feature in the NT100, so we do our best to represent them on the Social Tech Guide as short ‘listings’.

2.    What criteria do you use to choose the NT100?

Both our moderators and our judging partners are asked to assess every nomination by the same criteria:

Impact: This is impactful
Is this nomination making a positive difference in people's lives and/or for the planet? If it’s in the early stages of development, does it have the potential to make a profound difference? Is this nomination responding to a pressing social challenge in need of a new approach?

Innovation: This is innovative
Is this nomination doing something novel with technology – either by creating new technology or by using existing technology in a new and important way? Is the technology appropriate to the context of the social challenge?

And, ultimately, Inspiration: This is inspirational
Are you inspired by this nomination? Is it exciting? Would you tell a friend about it, or share it via social media? Would this be of help to you or anyone you know?

3.    Can I nominate my own project?

Absolutely! Why not do it right now?

4.    If a project gets nominated more than once, does it have a better chance of getting into the NT100?

The moderators see each nomination only once, usually just after it’s been nominated. We do keep track of how many times each project is nominated, but it doesn’t influence the final outcome.

5.    What kind of due diligence do you carry out on each nomination?

That question has got us and others thinking - especially since the ‘I Sea’ debacle. Our research team earnestly does the best they can, with the resources they have, to find find out about every nomination. Mostly that’s desk research, but often it’s downloading and using an app, or starting a conversation with the nominator or founder, and so forth.

In our research, we also keep in mind critical concerns voiced by the social tech community - so for example, if we’re researching an app designed for refugees in the UK, we look for evidence that it has been designed by or with refugees and relevant support organisations and is rooted in evidenced needs and demands. 

6.    I nominated my project last year and I still don’t see it on the Social Tech Guide . . . why?

Sometimes we receive many nominations for projects that have a lot in common. For example, this year we’re seeing a trend towards nominating ventures that help people develop their digital skills and put them to good use. They are all super - and if you are about to nominate a socially-motivated code club - don’t let this stop you!

Unfortunately, we can only list so many projects each year, so if we start to notice a trend, our moderators try and pick out ones that are a bit different, or have the most-developed evidence of impact to list on the Social Tech Guide. If we can’t list everything, we can at least try and list the broadest range for others to learn from.

Another reason we might not list a nomination is that it’s just too new (alpha or beta) for us to showcase it as more than an idea. If you nominated an early-stage social tech project in past years and it didn’t materialise on the Social Tech Guide, please do nominate it again if you think it’s developed further and we should take another look.

Have more questions? Get in touch! Your questions, ideas - and of course your nominations - help make the NT100 better each year.

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